Project management

Organizing the Research Programme and coordination of the research efforts. Selection of the seconded staff members (SSMs) and organization of their secondments. Organizing the Training Programme and joint actions for the results dissemination.


Recruiting the SSMs

Organization of selection and recruiting of the SSMs. Creating their Personal Secondment Plans. Selecting, growing or purchasing the necessary bulk and liquid crystalline materials. Designing and manufacturing the nanoporous matrices.


Modernization of experimental setups

Modernization of the experimental setups, and measurements of the complete sets of tensor components of the electro-, piezo-, elasto-optic and nonlinear optical effects for the selected innovative bulk materials in the visible range


Modernization of experimental setups

Building and modernization of experimental setups. Studies of refractive indices and electro-induced effects for the bulk materials in the sub-THz range


3D analysis of spatial anisotropy

Construction of indicative and extreme surfaces of the induced optical effects for the bulk materials. 3D spatial analysis of anisotropy and search for the global maxima of the effects in the selected bulk materials


Modification of growth techniques

Selection of the most efficient geometries of the induced optical effects in the bulk materials. Preparation of growth techniques. Manufacturing the nanostructures with tailored anisotropy


Experimental studies of the nanocomposites

Preparation of nanocomposites for the measurements. Experimental studies of the nanocomposites with tailored anisotropy.


Fabrication and testing

Manufacturing of laboratory prototypes of the optoelectronic cells using the bulk crystalline materials with the most efficient geometries and the nanostructures with tailored anisotropy. Testing of the laboratory prototypes.


Translation of elaborated technologies

Development of the optical and quasi-optical technologies. Translation of those technologies into the innovative products and services.